Intaglio Mint

Intaglio Mint, established in 2010, bills itself as a private, boutique minting operation.  It is the definition of a “small”  private mint, employing just three people in total!  Mark Bogani is the founder and CEO of Intaglio Mint and has over 25 years of experience as a coin collector, 8 years in the wholesale coin business and 6 years in the retail coin business.  Concept and design are his passions!

Anthony Grat is the Operations Manager of Intaglio Mint, is a seasoned minting professional.  Tony works tirelessly overseeing every facet of production, always striving for excellence.  As an avid hobbyist who collects exonumia and error coins, Tony’s collector passion prevails in his work at Intaglio Mint.  He is a graduate of CNC machining from Pitkins College in Denver.

Mission Statement

“Combine expertise and passion for minting with cutting edge technologies, to deliver a finished product that surpasses expectations and will be treasured for generations.”