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    2.00 troy ounces




    .999 fine


    Brilliant Uncirculated




    39 mm


    In 1917, the Standing Liberty Quarter featured two distinct design types.  The type I features Miss Liberty’s exposed right breast and flying eagle on the reverse hovering over an empty sky.  The type II shows Miss Liberty’s upper frontal body covered in a chain mail and the reverse eagle flying over three stars. 1917 Standing Liberty quarters are popular with collectors for several reasons. Namely, the occurrence of two types creates interest among coin collectors, both dedicated to the series and United States coins at large.

    • Contains 2 Troy Ounce .999 Fine Silver
    • Obverse: Lady Liberty standing and gazing to the right, holding a shield in her left hand and an olive branch in her right.  “IN GOD WE TRUST” divided at waist height with stars below, over the centered date at the bottom of the circumference.
    • Reverse: Eagle with wings spread flying to the right just over three stars.  “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” and “E PLURIBUS UNUM” descending from top center with four stars to the right and left.  “TWO TROY OUNCES” below along the bottom of the circumference.

    59 reviews for 1917 STANDING LIBERTY QUARTER, TYPE II – 2 TROY OUNCE – 39MM

    1. Anonymous (verified owner)

      usWashington, United States

    2. Terry Davenport (verified owner)

      usOklahoma, United States

      Wish I could give more than 5 stars!!

    3. Eric (verified owner)

      usUnited States

      Fabulous quality in a silver round at a great price!

    4. Sam Villa (verified owner)

      usTexas, United States

      Clean and crisp. Packed very well.

    5. Robert (verified owner)

      usPennsylvania, United States

      solid strike and good quality surfaces

    6. Steve Feiertag (verified owner)

      usFlorida, United States

      Mark is SO PHENOMENAL! GREAT company to do business with. SUPER high quality artistry and workmanship. If i owned the company, i have NO improvements to offer!

    7. David A. (verified owner)

      usUnited States

      Awesome coins

    8. Joe Hurst (verified owner)

      usUtah, United States

      faithful reproduction of an exceptional design..

    9. jose (verified owner)

      usUnited States

      Quality control is amazing, real high Relif on these items!

    10. David (verified owner)

      usKentucky, United States

      Beautiful coin!

    11. William White (verified owner)

      usTexas, United States

    12. Lonnie Wellman (verified owner)

      usOhio, United States


    13. Orest (verified owner)

      usUnited States


    14. Richard (verified owner)

      usUnited States

    15. Claude Kleiman (verified owner)

      usColorado, United States

      One of my favorite renaissance coins this tribute is stunning in detail.

    16. Terry Davenport (verified owner)

      usOklahoma, United States

      Love it! My collection is now done!

    17. TPG22 (verified owner)

      Amazing quality.

    18. Thomas G. (verified owner)

      usWisconsin, United States

      Excellent replica of a SLQ. Amazing quality and detail.

    19. david (verified owner)

      usNorth Carolina, United States

      AAA quality

    20. William Magier (verified owner)

      usCalifornia, United States

      Great detail.

    21. Tom (verified owner)

      usUtah, United States


    22. julius de roma (verified owner)

      usMinnesota, United States

    23. Anonymous (verified owner)

      usArizona, United States

      US mint quality

    24. Christopher (verified owner)

      usMinnesota, United States

    25. Andrew (verified owner)

      usWashington, United States

      Another Outstanding Lookalike Coin in 2oz!

    26. Benjamin Guttery (verified owner)

      usTexas, United States

      Beautiful Piece!

    27. Doug (verified owner)

      usUnited States

    28. Edward (verified owner)

      usUnited States

    29. Edward (verified owner)

      usUnited States

    30. Anonymous (verified owner)

      usFlorida, United States

    31. John M. (verified owner)

      usUnited States

      Solid, gorgeous coin!

    32. Jeffrey S. (verified owner)

      usWisconsin, United States


    33. JOSHUA (verified owner)

      usUnited States

    34. George (verified owner)

      usUnited States

      A beautiful tribute. Standing Liberties are one of the most beautiful US coins.

    35. jackrtruelove (verified owner)

      A beautiful piece with fine detail. It’s great to see and appreciate this nostalgic design featured on a larger scale, compared to the original quarter dollar size.

    36. ANGELEK (verified owner)

      usMichigan, United States

    37. Kevin G. (verified owner)

      usWashington, United States

    38. David (verified owner)

      Better than the US Mint and the rest!

    39. Scott (verified owner)

      usNorth Carolina, United States

      Absolutely stunning tribute to the standing liberty quarter. The details on this round are exquisite. I got one regular and one toned. The pictures don’t fully show how beautiful the toning actually is! Highly recommend getting the toning added to any of the limited mintage coins/rounds!

    40. John M. (verified owner)

      usWisconsin, United States

      Love it!!

    41. Wallace F. (verified owner)

      usUnited States

      Picture perfect

    42. Manuela Giorgini (verified owner)

      itThe Marches, Italy

    43. Anonymous (verified owner)

      usUnited States

      Amazing piece at an amazing price.

    44. Tom (verified owner)

      usUnited States


    45. Samuel Winikor (verified owner)

      usNew York, United States

    46. david s. (verified owner)

      usTexas, United States

    47. Steven (verified owner)

      usUnited States


    48. Brian R. (verified owner)

      usPennsylvania, United States

    49. Richard V. (verified owner)

      usOklahoma, United States

    50. Jerry (verified owner)

      Very nice, Quality silver product!

    51. Stephen Quesada (verified owner)

      usColorado, United States

      Beautiful pieces!

    52. Adam Smith (verified owner)

      usCalifornia, United States

      Keep stacking Intaglio Mint products!

    53. Jeff A. (verified owner)

      usCalifornia, United States

    54. Robert (verified owner)

      Some of the most beautiful coins ever come from Limited Mintage!

    55. Michael Wang (verified owner)

      Great Seller! Super Fast Shipping! Thank You! Will buy from again!

    56. Steven Moore (verified owner)

      Superbly minted, super high relief

    57. jeff (verified owner)

      BEST ROUNDS in the BIZZ

    58. Anonymous (verified owner)

      Love this coin! Great quality and antique finish!

    59. James (verified owner)


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