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    1.00 troy ounce


    3.10 mm


    .999 fine


    Brilliant Uncirculated




    39 mm




    By purchasing the official 2022 Mint Club™ Token, you become a member of the official 2022 Mint Club.™  A “must have” for Intaglio Mint fans, Mint Club™ members will enjoy the following privileges:

    • A limit of only 500 members for the inaugural year (2022)
    • Mint Club™ exclusive products, all with a total mintage of 500, with new products released starting in February.
    • Official Mint Club™ Membership Certificate as proof of club membership.



    Obverse: Intaglio’s Liberty with “INAGLIO MINT 2022” on the obverse between 10 and 12 o’clock.
    Reverse: The official 2022 Limited Mintage™ Mint Club™ Membership Token.  “500 TOKENS MINTED” on the upper rounded dentil circumference, and “ONE TROY OUNCE .999 FINE SILVER” on the lower rounded dentil circumference. with “LIMTED MINTAGE™” above, “2022 MEMBERSHIP TOKEN” lower middle, and “MINT CLUB™” below.


    Mint Club Membership Certificates will be mailed separately, on or before 2/1/22.

    108 reviews for 2022 – MINT CLUB ™ MEMBERSHIP TOKEN – 1 TROY OUNCE – 39MM (ONLY 500 MINTED)

    1. spegtacular (verified owner)

      Members only!

    2. stacker4life (verified owner)

      Got my membership token!.

    3. stacker4life (verified owner)

      Got my membership token!. Beautiful 1oz silver.

    4. christopherjallen26 (verified owner)

      Received the token and it’s beautiful!

    5. Alexander Kishinevsky (verified owner)

      I received a beautiful membership token for 2022

    6. jackrtruelove (verified owner)

      Proud to have one of these tokens. The detail is amazing, and extremely intricate on the eagle and background design.

    7. anondollfie (verified owner)

      Got mine. Gorgeous. Amazing detail. Thanks!

    8. gljohnson18 (verified owner)

      Thank you Spegtacular for shouting this out! Beautiful Round!

    9. lrw9151 (verified owner)

      Ordered mine on first day offered, January 7th. With Spegtacular’s posting on YouTube this morning I predict they will sell out today. So if you haven’t joined yet better do so soon.

    10. drickett99 (verified owner)

      Got Mine

    11. bill (verified owner)

      Love the coin. Lots of micro printing security features.

    12. patjmuscat (verified owner)

      Ordered mine, thanks for the awareness spegtacular!

    13. badboyterry1965 (verified owner)

      Makes me feel like part of the company! Im very pleased! Its beautiful!

    14. jwk1115 (verified owner)

      got mine!! thank spegtacular.

    15. lufega24 (verified owner)

      Happy to be part of the club!

    16. bsdotcom (verified owner)

      Waiting, Excited

    17. bsdotcom (verified owner)

      Thanks, Spegtacular

    18. pastorjosh88 (verified owner)

      I didn’t realize the membership token was .999 silver as well. Excellent value for a sure collectible item!

    19. Bryan Raths (verified owner)

    20. Marilyn (verified owner)

      usUnited States

      Always beautiful!

    21. Orest C. (verified owner)

      usUnited States


    22. Luis G. (verified owner)

      usUnited States

      Great coin! Means I’m part of the club!

    23. Joshua Brice (verified owner)

      usPennsylvania, United States

    24. Anonymous (verified owner)

    25. Jane H. (verified owner)

      usCalifornia, United States

      “Wow” is the reaction when I received this round! It is limited to one per customer as a membership token, or I will get more!

    26. Terry Davenport (verified owner)

      usOklahoma, United States

    27. Anonymous (verified owner)

      usUnited States

      Amazing round. Flawless.

    28. Dean (verified owner)

      usNew York, United States

    29. Lonnie Wellman (verified owner)

      usOhio, United States

      Beautiful token. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for the Mint Club.

    30. Gary G. (verified owner)

      usCalifornia, United States

    31. Andrew C. (verified owner)

      usUnited States

      Beautiful coin! Can always count on their product to be outstanding!

    32. Robert Weinberger (verified owner)

      Try it you may like it, is the new YOU

    33. Armando Jose (store manager)

      usTexas, United States

      Happy to be a member! The token is A+! A great addition to our collection. Thanks!

    34. Gavin Q. (verified owner)

      Cool Beans, Limited Mintage Too!

    35. Dennis W. (verified owner)

      great design and very fast shipping

    36. CM Rutledge (verified owner)

      usMinnesota, United States

    37. Robert S. (verified owner)

      usTexas, United States


    38. Mike D (verified owner)

      usColorado, United States

    39. Giuseppe (verified owner)

      usNew York, United States

      Great looking round

    40. Dale Coons (verified owner)

      usCalifornia, United States

    41. Mason (verified owner)

      usArizona, United States

      The detail in the eagle is fantastic.

    42. Joe Winland (verified owner)

      usOhio, United States

      Fantastic service awesome quality and great prices.

    43. Fernando Esquivel (verified owner)

      Wow, Nice finish!

    44. al w. (verified owner)

      usIllinois, United States

      Great looking membership coin

    45. Laura B. (verified owner)

      usUnited States

      So excited to be part of the mint club!

    46. Thomas K. (verified owner)

      usFlorida, United States

    47. Anonymous (verified owner)

      usUnited States

      struck with no imperfections

    48. David (verified owner)

      usCalifornia, United States

      Great idea for a new series for the silver round collector!

    49. Alexander Kishinevsky (verified owner)

      usNew York, United States

      Excellent coin, I am will look forward for new coins

    50. David (verified owner)

      usCalifornia, United States

      Beautiful, fine detail!

    51. Greg (verified owner)

      usUnited States

      Beautiful coin like all of Intaglio Mint coins!

    52. jimme h. (verified owner)

      usUnited States

      Well struck!

    53. Douglas Smithing (verified owner)

      usTexas, United States

      Yeah ,I’m glad to be member

    54. David V. (verified owner)

      usVirginia, United States

      Great coin and I’m in the club. Limited Mintage is the real deal

    55. Anonymous (verified owner)

      usNew York, United States

    56. Dale (verified owner)

    57. philwheels1 (verified owner)

      It’s a beauty, Had to use a loop to find the micro stamped security features, but they are there and very clear. Love it.

    58. JOSHUA C. (verified owner)

      usUnited States

    59. jimmyrambur (verified owner)

      1st Oder with them and both of my items arrived damaged! Other than that they are spectacular.

    60. Jeffrey S. (verified owner)

      usUnited States

      This is a classy round. I see “new” details every time i look at it.

    61. Jeffrey S. (verified owner)

      usUnited States

      I am so glad to own this beauty.

    62. Dalton Eidson (verified owner)

      usCalifornia, United States

      Absolutely beautiful piece

    63. Anonymous (verified owner)

      usUtah, United States

    64. Andrew (verified owner)

      usIllinois, United States

      Love the detail. As usual, Intaglio has great detail in their products.

    65. Matt R. (verified owner)

      usCalifornia, United States

    66. agape_company (verified owner)

      Better than what the US Mint puts out. Just another good example of private sector minting.

    67. thesilvermanwisconsin (verified owner)

      received my token today and eagerly awaiting Membership Certificate.

      Will you be releasing any details on the number of silver and antiqued versions that were sold

    68. Reid Oliver (verified owner)

      usMaryland, United States

    69. Paul Sheppick (verified owner)

      usUtah, United States

      I’ve been collecting silver coins for over 25 years and boy am I glad I found Intaglio Mint!! They are my go to for most of my collector rounds.

    70. Loren R. (verified owner)

      usUnited States

      Quality is great but not accompanying the coin without a certificate of Authenticity is not good a thing, there’s no proof of the mintage.

    71. Thomas M. (verified owner)

      usCalifornia, United States

      Nice looking token! Glad I joined.

    72. Anonymous (verified owner)

      Awesome and beautiful coin!

    73. Jared Stottlemyer (verified owner)

      usMaryland, United States

      Never have been let down when buying from you guys. If ever a question Mark is there to help me within minutes. Can’t wait for more amazing coins to come.

    74. Terry Jewell (verified owner)

      usMinnesota, United States

    75. brdshot (verified owner)

      Great token. Excited to see what is next. Shout of to Spegtacular for posting about this. Otherwise I would have missed out.

    76. Shane H. (verified owner)

      Great experience

    77. Devin P. (verified owner)

      usUnited States

      Beautiful design, fast shipping & great customer service!

    78. Rich Connors (verified owner)

      usNew Jersey, United States

    79. Michael F. (verified owner)

      usUnited States

    80. Michael (verified owner)

      usIllinois, United States

    81. Anonymous (verified owner)

      Definitely didn’t go wrong with the antique on this one. Glad I was able to scoop one up.

    82. Joe C. (verified owner)

      usUnited States

      Fast shipping and beautiful round. Look forward to the upcoming releases.

    83. David S. (verified owner)

      usOhio, United States

      Nice round!!

    84. Anonymous (verified owner)

      usUnited States

      Stunning round and only 500 made!

    85. mikgin0648 (verified owner)

      Very cool looking token. Will definitely buy next years token. Thanks

    86. Fernando E. (verified owner)

      usCalifornia, United States

      Great looking round.

    87. Robert Ferguson (verified owner)

      usMissouri, United States

    88. Philip Wheeler (verified owner)

      usArizona, United States

      Love the chance to own a limited mintage of 500. Beautiful

    89. Anonymous (verified owner)

      usUnited States


    90. Justin Holt (verified owner)

      usFlorida, United States

    91. Anonymous (verified owner)

      usWashington, United States

    92. Mark Corbin (verified owner)

      usUnited States

      Thank you!

    93. Spencer B. (verified owner)

      usVirginia, United States


    94. David W. (verified owner)

      usUnited States

      Awesome round with beautiful detail. You can’t go wrong with Limited Mintage.

    95. Darrell Rickett (verified owner)

      usColorado, United States

    96. John k. (verified owner)

      usIllinois, United States

      great looking token , only 500 minted

    97. Joel M. (verified owner)

      usUnited States

    98. oldknives (verified owner)

      Glad I found “Limited Mintage” Beautiful BU Silver.
      New Mint Club Member Product every month.

    99. Anthony (verified owner)

      usUnited States

      Best subject and detailed silver coins !!!

    100. Russell (verified owner)

      usUnited States

      Beautiful round. I ordered the antiqued version, and was very impressed. Looking forward to the limited versions of rounds starting this February. Thank you.

    101. Kirk (verified owner)

      usColorado, United States

      Nice silver round to add to the collection

    102. Jerry (verified owner)

    103. Sandra Ferguson (verified owner)

      usWashington, United States


    104. Thomas (verified owner)

      usUnited States

    105. John Antczak (verified owner)

      usFlorida, United States

    106. andrew b. (verified owner)

      usPennsylvania, United States

      so happy to have this token

    107. Joey (verified owner)

      usOklahoma, United States

      Amazing detail. Wish I could have ordered one of each finish!

    108. Lori Anthony (verified owner)


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