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3.0 troy ounce


varied ~9mm


.999 fine


Hand Hammered


varied ~42mm




These handcrafted artworks employ coin making techniques dating from Ancient Greece to the present, making them stunning in appearance and fantastic to hold!

Just as the Ancient Greeks produced their masterworks, the edges of these medals are hammered by hand before being hot struck under high relief dies.  Each piece is hand centered by eye while it is red hot and struck without a retaining collar.  This makes each medal unique, displaying the characteristics of an ancient coin and the ancient techniques employed to produce it.

While Ancient Greek techniques are used to create the appearance of an ancient coin, the designs themselves are drawn from American coin and medal elements. The anachronism of an archaic fabrication method combined with historic Americana designs creates a distinctive style and a truly beautiful collectible.

  • Contains 3 oz. Troy of .999 Fine Silver
  • Obverse: Fantastic deep relief bust of Franklin patterned from the American Half Dollar bearing the same likeness. Inscribed by the legend “LIBERTY” in bold capital letters, the portrait is set atop a radial starburst. Undated.
  • Reverse: Matching relief patterned from the Franklin half dollar, the Liberty Bell in high detail is inscribed with an accurate microprinting of its original model. To the right, again as a nod to the half dollar, the bell is joined by the Heraldic Eagle and the medal is encircled by edge dentils.
  • Antiqued to enhanced relief and subtleties of the design.

Note to collectors: Being hand fabricated, hot struck, and antiqued, these medals will exhibit some small irregularities that are not considered to be detracting. Great care is taken to ensure there are no glaring inclusions that might diminish eye-appeal while still remaining true to the nature of the fabrication techniques employed.  


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