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    Animal Farm by George Orwell is a short allegorical novel based on the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 that resulted in the Communistic USSR.

    The novel depicts a traditional farm — Manor Farm — owned by a drunk, Mr. Jones. After the humans go to bed, the animals get together in the barn and have a meeting, where Old Major, a prize-winning boar, tells them he had a dream of the animals’ rebellion against man. They wish for equality and self-determination. The animals are soon given a chance to rebel when Jones is away drinking, and the farmworkers forget to feed them.

    At first, life on the farm is better than it was under Jones. The farm’s name is changed to Animal Farm, and the Seven Commandments are established. The animals work more efficiently and reap all the rewards of their labor. Everyone has their role on the farm, and the pigs, the most intelligent animals, act as the brains of the operation. However, as time goes on, things change, and the pigs start taking more for themselves, pushing the other animals to work harder. At the same time, they reap the benefits, begin acting like humans, and form business relationships with the neighboring farmers. By the end of the story, the farm animals cannot tell the difference between humans and pigs.

    Squealer is a pig who works as Napoleon’s communicator and propagandist. When Napoleon, the head pig, needs the animals to behave in a specific manner or believe a specific piece of dogma, Squealer is the lead communicator. Orwell explains that when Squealer is really on message, his tail twitches or moves vigorously, a sign of Squealer’s manipulation of language and fabrication of lies. Squealer’s most common statement is “‘You don’t want Mr. Jones to come back,’” referring to the former farmer whom the animals despised.


    • Contains 2 oz. Troy of .999 Fine Silver
    • Obverse: A portrait of Squealer, one of the books prominent characters formally dressed, with “SQUEALER” to the right of the portrait just below center.
    • Reverse: A silhouette of a barn, a silo, and a windmill and a weathervane on top that says “MANOR FARM,” and “ANIMALISM” centered below.  Hallmark along the bottom circumference.


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