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    1.00 troy ounce


    39 mm




    Brilliant Uncirculated


    .999 fine


    3.10 mm


    Our “Don’t Mess with Texas” series showcases some of the iconic things that make Texas so special.  The FIFTH of the series is The Alamo.

    Alamo, (Spanish: “Cottonwood”) 18th-century Franciscan mission in San Antonio, Texas, U.S., that was the site of a historic resistance effort by a small group of determined fighters for Texan independence (1836) from Mexico.

    The building was originally the chapel of the Mission San Antonio de Valero, which had been founded between 1716 and 1718 by Franciscans. Before the end of the century, the mission had been abandoned and the buildings fell into partial ruin. After 1801 the chapel was occupied sporadically by Spanish troops. Apparently, it was during that period that the old chapel became popularly known as “the Alamo” because of the grove of cottonwood trees in which it stood.

    In December 1835, at the opening of the Texas Revolution (War of Texas Independence), a detachment of Texan volunteers, many of whom were recent arrivals from the United States, drove a Mexican force from San Antonio and occupied the Alamo. Some Texan leaders—including Sam Houston, who had been named commanding general of the Texas army the month before—counseled the abandonment of San Antonio as impossible to defend with the small body of troops available, but the rugged bunch of volunteers at the Alamo refused to retire from their exposed position. On February 23, 1836, a Mexican army, variously estimated at 1,800 to 6,000 men and commanded by General Antonio López de Santa Anna, arrived from south of the Rio Grande and immediately began a siege of the Alamo. Estimates of the size of the small defending force (including some later arrivals) usually vary between 183 and 189 men, though some historians believe that figure may have been larger. That force was commanded by Colonels James Bowie and William B. Travis and included the renowned frontiersman Davy Crockett. At the beginning of the siege, Travis dispatched “To the People of Texas & all Americans in the world” an impassioned letter requesting support. For 13 days the Alamo’s defenders held out, but on the morning of March 6 the Mexicans stormed through a breach in the outer wall of the courtyard and overwhelmed the Texan forces. Santa Anna had ordered that no prisoners be taken, and virtually all the defenders were slain (only about 15 persons, mostly women and children, were spared). The Mexicans suffered heavy casualties as well; credible reports suggest between 600 and 1,600 were killed and perhaps 300 were wounded.

    • Contains 1 Troy Ounce .999 Fine Silver
    • Obverse:  A depiction of The Alamo
    • Reverse: TThe common reverse for the series, with the skull of a longhorn centered, an oak branch to the right and an olive branch to the left.  A star centered on the forehead of the skull.  “DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS” around the lower circumference, with the hallmark at 6 o’clock.


    1. brian (verified owner)

      usNew York, United States

      very cool

    2. Lance L. (verified owner)

      usIndiana, United States

    3. Alexander Kishinevsky (verified owner)

      usNew York, United States

    4. al w. (verified owner)

      great looking

    5. Jason T. (verified owner)

      usUnited States

      Lots of fun collecting all of the different coins. Beautiful detail and fast shipping. Thanks again for another great purchase!

    6. Matthew (verified owner)

      usTexas, United States

      These Don’t Mess With Texas Series rounds are impressive!

    7. Arthuro C. (verified owner)

      usCalifornia, United States

      Nice piece of History!

    8. Guadalupe P. (verified owner)

      usTexas, United States

      Nice design.

    9. Mark Corbin (verified owner)

      usSouth Carolina, United States

    10. Igor Shturman (verified owner)

      usIllinois, United States

      Love Intaglio Mint Rounds ! Thanks

    11. Rick Burningham (verified owner)

      usUtah, United States

    12. Michael D. (verified owner)

      usTexas, United States

      This thing is beautiful!

    13. Anonymous (verified owner)

      usUnited States

    14. Jeffrey S. (verified owner)

      usWisconsin, United States

    15. Flor Mejia-Schmerler (verified owner)

      usNew York, United States

    16. soccerboy7177 (verified owner)

      I absolutely love the simplicity of the design. The depiction of the mission and the way it shimmers in a satin finish is just mesmerizing. Well done! This San Antonian approves!

    17. James M. (verified owner)

      Very well done silver rounds and very fast shipping. Again, 5 star all the way.

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