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    2.00 troy ounce


    39 mm




    Brilliant Uncirculated


    .999 fine




    The concept of “Morte Prima di Disonore,” or “Death before Dishonor,” has been used in military units at least as early as ancient Rome.  By the time of the famed Roman senator and historian Tacitus (AD 56 to 117), the vow of “death before dishonor” had become “old-fashioned and something only uttered by barbarians.”  However some two centuries earlier, it was Catiline (108 to 62 BC), the Roman politician who attempted to overthrow the Roman Republic who urged it.  The famous concept of death as preferable to dishonor, if not the actual phrase, is not limited to the western world.  For example, it was also advocated by the Japanese bushido code of samurai warrior who would rather die than live with dishonor brought on by surrender.  In more recent history, the saying has become a popular tattoo in different variations and designs popular in different military units and groups.

    • Contains 2 oz. Troy .999 Fine Silver
    • Obverse: Decorative Cross and scrolls flank each of the top circle, while “MORTE PRIMA DI DISONORE” around the bottom, surrounding a high-relief of a skull wearing a decorative classic Roman-style helmet, pierced at the top by a sword, exiting through the mouth of the skull.
    • Reverse: A high relief skull with wings on either side, skewered by three swords entering from the bottom and exiting out the top, with a banner bearing the words “DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR” draped through the handles of the swords.  The hallmark encircled around the bottom, and a cross with scrolls encircle the top.

    9 reviews for MORTE PRIMA DI DISONORE – 2 TROY OUNCE – 39MM

    1. Remic S. (verified owner)

      usUnited States

      Latin Allure series is amazing! Detail is unmatched!

    2. Anonymous (verified owner)

      usCalifornia, United States

      beautiful coin

    3. brian (verified owner)

      usNew York, United States

      love all the coins

    4. David H. (verified owner)

      usUnited States

      Excellent piece as usual

    5. Troy Whitenton (verified owner)

      usMississippi, United States

    6. Kip (verified owner)

      usUnited States

      These 2 ouncers are amazing! Designs like these are so detailed and cool.

    7. Mark K. (verified owner)

      usNorth Carolina, United States

    8. William Acuff (verified owner)

      usGeorgia, United States


    9. Blaise Brown (verified owner)

      usTexas, United States

      Beautiful coin. Nice detail. Love the feel of a two ounce coin.

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