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    2.00 troy ounce




    .999 fine






    Brilliant Uncirculated


    Considered one of the most beautiful and iconic designs in American coinage, the Winged Liberty, commonly called the Mercury Dime, is rendered as a compliment to that design in this 2 ounce, 50mm Art Medal.

    • Contains 2 oz. Troy of .999 Fine Silver
    • Obverse: Winged Liberty Head surrounded by “LIBERTY” and “IN GOD WE TRUST” below the portrait. Key Dated 1916
    • Reverse: The Fasces, a symbol of collective power, is flanked by “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” above, and “ONE DIME” below, as well as “E PLURIBUS UNUM” in the field. Complementing the Key date of 1916 with a “D” mint mark. Hallmarked “2 Troy Ounce .999 AG” along the blade of the axe in Microprinting.

    38 reviews for MERCURY DIME TRIBUTE – 2 TROY OUNCE – 50MM

    1. Michael (verified owner)

      usUnited States

      These are the best Tribute Mercury I have ever seen and the size is very impressive!
      I want to get all 4 sizes available to display together.
      The 50mm direct fit capsule was to small for this one. I ordered the Air-Tite Y-50 black ring capsule to protect this beauty!

    2. Nazanza Hill (verified owner)

      usTexas, United States


    3. Anonymous (verified owner)

      usWashington, United States

    4. dale coons (verified owner)

      usCalifornia, United States

    5. Michael (verified owner)

      usCalifornia, United States

    6. Anonymous (verified owner)

      usUnited States


    7. Nelson B. (verified owner)

      usUnited States

      Have always loved Mercury dimes but always wished they were bigger… now they are! Thx Intaglio Mint!

    8. Anonymous (verified owner)

      usUnited States

    9. Nelson B. (verified owner)

      usTexas, United States


    10. robert weinberger (verified owner)

      Better than the original…..

    11. Anonymous (verified owner)

      usUnited States

    12. Asher Kobin (verified owner)

      My first coin from Intaglio and I am very happy. It was the last one too I think!

      I am happy they made this in the 2 oz NON high-relief as the original coin was not designed for high-relief. There is a 2 oz UHR of this coins floating around, but save your money for the Peace Dollar and maybe the Saint-Gaudens double eagle if you don’t mind having a silver version of a gold coin.

    13. Anonymous (verified owner)

      usFlorida, United States

    14. Asher K. (verified owner)

      usMaryland, United States

      I was blow away with the item. I think this is the first silver round I’ve ever purchased that was > 1/10 oz. An now I’m collecting all the Mercuries from here except the high relief ones. I just need the 1/10 oz one.

    15. Sandra Ferguson (verified owner)

      usWashington, United States

      Absolutely stunning! Cheaper than any other companies I’ve been purchasing my silver from. Thank you!

    16. Anonymous (verified owner)

      Beautiful work.

    17. Edward (verified owner)

      usUnited States

    18. Andrew K. (verified owner)

    19. David H. (verified owner)

      usMaryland, United States

    20. Orest (verified owner)

      Absolutely Awesome!!!

    21. Anonymous (verified owner)

      usNew York, United States

      Beautiful piece!

    22. jeffrey v. (verified owner)

      usIowa, United States


    23. Guadalupe P. (verified owner)

      usTexas, United States

      Big coin and beautifully made. Very happy with the purchases.

    24. Bob (verified owner)

      usNew Mexico, United States

    25. Anonymous (verified owner)

      usTexas, United States

    26. Steven (verified owner)

      usUnited States

      High quality, beautiful round, fast service.

    27. James Sambuco (verified owner)

      usNew York, United States

      Awesome coins and great service.

    28. Mark K. (verified owner)

      usNorth Carolina, United States

    29. Bruce H. (verified owner)

      usUnited States

      I love the detail in the large coin tributes. Most coin collectors are like me and need help from reading glasses. I can enjoy the detail without eye strain. I first found Limited Mintage coins on e-bay. I am so happy that I was able to start ordering direct from Limited Mintage. I started with the 2 oz Mercury Dime and the Buffalo Nickle. I have collected around 2 dozen of the 2 oz tributes. Now I have started with the 1 oz and other sizes. It has kind of became an obsession with collecting all of the modern tribute coins. I Love Them. I have had some difficulty finding air-tight capsules for some of the coins. I found the 2 oz capsules. I am still looking for the 50 mm, 1/10 oz, 1/4 oz, 1/2 oz capsules. If anyone knows what size will work on the thicker coins, please leave a comment.

    30. Edward (verified owner)

    31. John M. (verified owner)

      usWisconsin, United States

      An absolutely incredible work of art… such a beautiful coin!!

    32. Jeffrey S. (verified owner)

      usWisconsin, United States

      These Rounds are make my Top Two list of my all time Limited Mintage favorites. She is beautiful, and the Rounds do her honor with the quality.

    33. Brian R. (verified owner)

      usPennsylvania, United States

    34. Anonymous (verified owner)

      Love the Quality and price!

    35. John Myers (verified owner)

      An absolutely stunning piece! This 2 ounce, 50mm is a coin every collector should add to their collection! Top notch all the way !!

    36. Steven H. (verified owner)

    37. sbhhawaii (verified owner)

      Beautiful tribute and 50mm is stunning. Great customer service.

    38. Steve Feiertag (verified owner)

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